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Bobbi Johnson

business operations leader

Bobbi is a dedicated and accomplished professional who loves both her career and family life. With 27 years of marital bliss, she has built a strong foundation with her high school sweetheart, Marty. Together, they have raised three wonderful sons named Tyler, Cameron, and Jace, who bring immense joy to their lives.
Originally from North Carolina, Bobbi's journey led her to settle in McKinney, Texas, in 2006, when her husband's job brought them to Dallas. Bobbi holds a degree from UNC-Greensboro and has an impressive professional background. Prior to her current role, she excelled as a corporate travel manager and paralegal, honing her skills in various industries.
Bobbi's dedication and versatility shine through in her role at CRG, where she oversees the in-house accounting activities. As the go-to person for accounts payable and accounts receivable, she ensures the smooth financial operations of the company. Additionally, Bobbi takes charge of managing technology and travel arrangements, a testament to her ability to handle diverse responsibilities. At CRG, Bobbi finds immense satisfaction in the collaborative effort and outstanding team chemistry. She cherishes the supportive and enjoyable work environment fostered by her colleagues, which amplifies her passion for her job.
While Bobbi's professional life thrives at CRG, her heart lies on the sidelines of football and lacrosse fields. As a devoted mother, she enthusiastically cheers for her kids during their athletic endeavors, demonstrating unwavering support and love for them.

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